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Private Students, please familiarize yourself with the studio policies.



This Agreement spells out the respective contractual obligations and responsibilities between the Studio and the Student/Parent.  The Studio has found that the relationship between Studio and Student/Parent works to everyone’s benefit if we clearly set out the terms and conditions under which the Studio will provide the Music Instruction Program to the Student.  Therefore, all parties agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement.




            The Music Instruction that will be professionally provided to the Student by the Studio under this Agreement consists of the following 

  • Weekly 30 minute, 45 minute, or 60 minuteVoice or Piano Lessons at a mutually agreeable time

  • Two opportunities to perform in studio recitals, WMTA Student Auditions, NATS Competitions, CVMTA Fall Gala, Performance Club Fridays

  • Networking to area musicians and musical groups, community theatres, and other performing outlets within and outside of the Studio.

  • With permission, access to the Otto Performance Studio musical library

  • Musical skills, knowledge, and resources appropriate for individual musicians.  


Otto Performance Studio Mission:

Luke Otto and Otto Performance Studio strive to educate growing musicians, vocalists and pianists of varying musical backgrounds the necessary musical and technical skills and resources to be become self-critical, reliant, motivated and aware musical performers through weekly lessons, goal setting and regularly performing and networking with peers.  

By becoming self-critical, self-reliant, motivated, aware and effective musical performers, students also garner and cultivate interpersonal skills, the ability to communicate effectively, and most importantly the ability to listen, empathize, and think independently, while fostering a life-long love, support and involvement in music.  

(Individual growth is subject to the individual)



            (1)   Payment Terms.  Tuition for Otto Performance Studio caters multiple financial needs. Lessons are held weekly.  Excessive cancellations are grounds for removal from the Studio.  


(i):  is due the first lesson of each school year or when a new student begins lessons in the studio and will reserve the weekly practice time for the Student on the Studio’s schedule.  Registration fee also provides free participation in studio Recitals as well as general equipment use, for studio and copying costs and rental of studio sheet music. 


Payment Options: 



The most inexpensive option upfront with flexible scheduling.

NO makeup lessons. Late cancellations will be charged for a full price lesson.



Monthly Plan


($24/half hour)

Affordable and accommodating. Schedule your weekly lesson time on a month-to-month basis.

Must schedule 4 lessons to receive the 5% discount.  NO makeup lessons. NO lessons are credited. Late cancellations will be charged for a full price lesson



Quarter Plan

$253($23/half hour)

1 free makeup lesson. 11 lessons in 3 months

NO lessons are credited. Late cancellations will be charged for a full price lesson.



Semester Plan

$484($22/half hour)

Save $132 a year compared to the Week-to-Week plan!  2 free makeup lessons. 22 lessons over 6 months.

NO lessons are credited. Late cancellations will be charged for a full price lesson.



Payments are required IN FULL at the beginning of the lesson.

No packages will be prorated.

A student may change lesson plans after completion of their current lesson package.  


Late Cancellations

Lessons cancelled without 12 hours notice before the scheduled lesson times are late and will be charged for a full priced lesson. Not practicing is the worst reason to cancel a lesson and is in fact more reason to attend your scheduled lesson. Under some payment plans, a missed or late canceled lesson may qualify for a free makeup lesson; please check the plan you’re on.


If Luke cancels a lesson, it will be made up at a mutual time. Luke reserves the right to credit lessons or not.


Rescheduling lessons

Family and Friend Makeup Initiative: Students that cannot attend a paid lesson should be encouraged to give there slot to a family member or friend that is interested in lessons or would like to brush up on skills.

If the student will not be able to attend a lesson, please do your best to reschedule with more than 12 hours notice. Please keep in mind that not all lessons will be able to be rescheduled; Luke must approve rescheduling a lesson.


Payment Types

Payment is due at the beginning of each lesson, the beginning of every month, or the beginning of each quarter. A 5% fee will be added to late payments upon the discretion of the instructor. 

Cash and Check are preferred.  Make Checks out to Luke Ottoor Otto Performance Studio.

Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are accepted but a 5% feewill be added to the total.  


(2) Refunds.  Registration fees are NON refundable.  A student has the right to discontinue lessons at any time, in addition, so does the instructor.  If the student or the instructor decides to discontinue lessons, a refund check will be given/mailed to the student/parent or guardian only for the remainder of lessons paid in advance and not for lessons received.  

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