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Andrew Leahey & the Homestead realease 'Airwaves' a new lease on life

Coming to the Hunky Dory on March 1st in Eau Claire and the Grand Theater in Wausau March 2nd, is a wonderful group with an outstanding front man, Andrew Leahey & the Homestead. Based out of Nashville, TN, Leahey is releasing 'Airwaves' March 1st this year, a tribute to the rock' n' roll he grew up listening to.

According to his bio, Leahey's older brother would go to a friend's house with a blank VHS tape and record as much MTV as possible and watch it for months. These formative years have not waivered or washed away for Leahey. Listening to "Little in Love" and "The Good Life" from his Skyline Sessions, the hours of Springsteen, Petty, Seger, and Mellencamp from those tapes reverberates the nostalgia many of us have for those decades when we rode shotgun with the windows down with our hand out of the window gliding on the wafts of hot summer air singing along.

Most of his tunes are uptempo and driving, a hard beat that influences your body to move faster, like the music my parents listened to while cleaning the house or doing work in the garage. Beware, Leahey's music is also repetitious; you'll be singing along at the top of your lungs before the end of the first track. His guitar is edgy and hooks your hands in the air, and just like that, your pretend air guitar sounds just as good as his. Leahey's rhythm section is so precise and predictable, your significant other is tapping his or her foot in the next room over.

Leahey's voice is so suited for this blue collar rock, you'd swear he was related to 'The Boss'. His hooks are so convincing of this style and yet, still ooze originality, particularly in his lyrics and inspiration. A few years ago, Leahey had brain surgery to remove a deathly tumor. Now cancer-free, Leahey has composed a song based on the electric sounds he recalls in the MRI; it's called 'Make it Last.'

Leahey's music is so fun and reminiscent of 80's Rock Americana, it's an uplifting and hot forecast this Wisconsinite is looking forward to hearing more from. Find more information about Andrew Leahey & The Howestead at the link below and give some of their music a listen, too.

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