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'Bye Bye Birdie' soars at FCHS

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

Fall Creek High School does it again. Every fall, this small town High School prepares and executes a top notch production respectively. Despite differences in age and experience, Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors all display enthused energy which undeniably grabs and engages parents and community members as noted by the uproars in laughter and heavy, long applause.

Simple sets keep all of the focus on the kids and make for fast and easy scene changes. A well balanced pit orchestra supports and seemlessly follows the student performers. Costumes were timeless and period appropriate; some cast members had several costume changes and all were handled impeccably.

The upper classmen are obvious and effective leaders on stage and off. Hamilton Williams plays a suave and convincing Conrad Birdie, the Elvis Presley inspired character, hip actions, crooning and side burns! Allie O'Neill and Emilie Vanderwyst as leading ladies Kim MacAfee and Rose Alvarez respectively had penetrable and beautiful voices. Aidan Sanfelippo's acting and interactions with ensemble glue the cast together and efficiently push the beats and timing of the show. Many chorus members were tasked with multiple backing roles, but none as difficult as Brian Salinas portraying Hugo Peabody, a Teen, Reporter, Old Geezer and a Shriner, who was able to vary his inflections and characterizations outsandingly. Show stealer was Senior Maddie Dawson as Mrs. Peterson, at several moments getting the entire sold-out audience laughing, how this young adult plays an overbearing and comical mother is impressive.

Every year I'm struck by how talented these kids are, often choreographing their scences with embellished detail for High School Students, never missing a moment to be intentional performers. Hats off to the all of the kids, their parents, and their directors Mrs. Jennifer Mason and Mr. Brad Stoughton.

Go See this if you can get a ticket!

Pictured Left to Right; Kael Sanfelippo, Brian Salinas, Luke Otto, Aidan Sanfelippo, Hamilton Williams

Click on the link below to purchase and listen to the original cast recording of 'Bye Bye Birdie'

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