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'Cinderella' - A new perspective

The Eau Claire Children's Theatre has arrived at the new Pablo Center in downtown Eau Claire and this local theatre company is revisiting it's roots, while ushering in a new era for audiences in the Chippewa Valley.

This 'Cinderella' is not the cookie cutter story book classic we grew up with; brimming with pop culture references, trendy songs, and slapstick one liners, the story is told at a Victorian Christmas party. I know my 5 year old would have enjoyed it as much as I, hearing the old traditional 'Boar's Head Carol' and 'Who Let the Dogs Out' in the same show.

In this retelling, the Step-Mother and Step-Daughters propel the plot and provide a new perspective from Rodgers and Hammerstein's hit musical, by the same name, which became a TV movie in 1965 and later the premiere show for ECCT. Joe Burger does a wonderful job in drag, consistantly hitting beats to deliver one-liner again and again. Jeffrey Peterson's power ballad in act 2 sent shivers down my spine; a young and impressive voice that doesn't quit. Julia Lopez is a young actress on the up and coming, an incredibly sweet voice, a stage persona and smile that draws you in.

Most impressive were the costumes, period and timeless for the chorus members in the Victorian party scenes which juxtaposed the fairytale characters, which were bright and eye catching. With beautiful drops and the magic of live theatre, this show is a wonderful opportunity to bring your kids to learn about a fairytale classic as well as sit back, laugh and take a load off to welcome in the holiday season.

There are 4 chances to catch 'Cinderella'. Check out the link below to buy tickets.

ECCT's Cinderella runs November 16, 17 and 18

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